Once Upon a Time ..

Everything started about a decade ago when I started to wonder that there was something fundamentally wrong when addressing clients’ challenges and problems; it seemed that most relevant was to implement a new method or principle and astonish customers with some fancy terms like “personas”, “blueprints”, “activity maps” and so forth. I think Scott Adams was and has always been pretty close on this.

(You probably found out from here that I have been working in a digital transformation business and you are not wrong with that.)

The only component that I really liked was the term “story“. Unfortunately these stories were and are most often composed by external consultants and not by the customers. So there was a middleman there and you can found that out from the documents. Trust me I have seen a fair amount of those during my career.

It is not my intention to offend anybody when saying this, I only would like to point out, that sometimes the method is more important that the reason for renewal.

Another founding was that word “innovation” has been totally overrated for so many years and it does have a few dozen definitions from different angles. I don’t even go there, just saying that innovation for me personally means just and only “renewal“.

Renewal requires that there are new ideas and views available when starting to innovate. There is no need to have a business objective present at this time, trust me. It only confuses things if it comes into the conversation in an early phase.

Imagination and ideas it brings up are the building blocks of innovations. Important is to imagine different people, their backgrounds and relationships and occasions they meet in everyday life.

That was my personal innovation to renew my thinking so that in the focus is not created value to the company but value for the individual people.

Like creating a Renaissance of focusing the people.